How Does The Stingray Work?

Yes, t's as simple as it sounds. The Stingray is a revolutionary cutting system that can either be worn around the neck with the custom  lanyard, or mounted via the enclosed high strength velcro anywhere you need it. Simply pull your line through the child-safe opening and it's done. 80# Spiderwire, 20# flouro, 4# mono - the Stingray's stainless steel blades will silce your desired line easily again and again.


The Stingray is specifically engineered to eliminate the inefficiency of typical fishing line cutters; from locating the cutter, to cutting the line, to retying the lure. Everything about the Stingray is designed to get your rig set up faster which means more casts and better probability for catching fish. Whether you're an avid fisherman who needs to tie on a hot bait in a hurry, an aging angler who has a tough time seeing the line, or a young kid who is still building his fishing confidence, the Stingray belongs in your fishing toolbox right along side your pliers.


Take a look at just how basic our product is to use:

Here's an outstanding video from our product review on Illinois Outdoors TV. Host Don Dziedzina was very complimentary and we feel like he really nailed the reason why the Stingray is becoming a tackle box essential.

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